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The traveling experience from Ibiza the next step Formentera!

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When thinking about having a blast of our lives and we want to be In peace with nature just you, the sand, and the sun. There is nothing better to do, than having a perfect moment to ourselves The traveling experience if you are in Ibiza can only be better if then going off to Formentera in a nice ferry.

Ferry to Formentera

The Balearic islands in Spain are a natural paradise like no other over the world where fun seems to never end.

The Balearic Islands, Located between the south of Barcelona, and the west of Valencia In Spain are really famous for their landscapes, as well for the activities to enjoy, while people talk a lot about Ibiza for being the biggest of the Balearic Islands, Formenta, being the Smallest of the habited Islands, does not mean at all, bad.

Actually what this means is that as the people saying goes good things come in small containers is simply truth!

If you are a traveler who is already thinking about going to Ibiza, know for sure that this should be a stop, because the two of them are actually quite connected, with just a ferry away one from the other and different companies willing to take you during all day, this should not be a problem to enjoy and rejoice!

Formentera beaches

Is it expensive to enjoy Formenta?

Not really enjoying Formenta, is simply a tourist paradise where the prices are not sky high, while it cannot be achieved by air, for being a small island, you do not actually need the space between the air, is not that long of a trip! –It is a simple trip on a ferry that gets you closer to the ocean, and allows us to feel again the connection with the sea.
Formenta is called the Island of lovers and there is a reason to do so, these things that get you closer to the nature, gets you closer to yourself, and obviously get you closer to your significant other. The paradisiacal place makes you feel better about everything.

Tourism in Formentera and Ibiza

How much of a nice experience can I have If I am moving on a ferry?

The geography tells you that Ibiza and Formentera are near the main land on one side with Valencia, and on the other side, with Barcelona, so you can have a ferry that takes you from inside the islands, to the other island, and back, with this said; is about choosing how to go!,
After all there are ships that will take you safe and sound, back by the destinations of your preference, choosing from Barcelona, or Valencia.

There are too many activities to do in Formentera, while a lot of people think right away, Island equal beach this island is so much more!  Its national parks, and the urban activities are more than awesome! The next time that you are thinking about a new traveling experience think about Formentera in the Balearic islands, a trip in the sea that you will simply not forget, after all is just a ferry away!

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