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Madrid, more tourist attractions than you imagine

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Madrid, together with Barcelona, is the most famous city in Spain, and also the capital of this amazing country. As the capital, the things to do in there are almost endless and each one is more interesting than the last one.

Tourism in Madrid, Spain

First of all, we will start talking about the most interesting places in the city, places that you must visit if you travel there. The first one is the Puerta del Sol, which is the most famous square in Madrid. There, you will find the Kilometre Zero. 

The next place of interest is the Plaza Mayor, one of the oldest squares in Spain. What is more, you have to visit the Gran Vía, the most famous street in the city, with its most important theatres and cinemas. 
Another place is El Retiro, a park where you will be able to relax and to enjoy a day with your family. And finally, the last one of these almost compulsory places to visit is the Puerta de Alcalá, one of the most representative monuments in Madrid.

Parque Warner, Madrid, Spain

Perhaps those are the most interesting places. However, there are three more places there that are worth the visit. Those are the Plaza de Cibeles, the Real Palace and the Almudena Cathedral.
If you want to go out in the capital, the most famous area within the tourists and the students is Huertas. This street is full of bars and discos and it is very close to the Puerta del Sol.

Another main feature in Madrid is its gastronomy. The most famous meals of the capital are squid sandwiches, patatas bravas and Spanish omelette.

Almudena Cathedral, Madrid, Spain

As you can see, Madrid is a big city with plenty of things to do. If you travel there, you should take some days to enjoy it and to visit as much things as you can. It is, for sure, a city that won’t let you down. 

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