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Sixth grade, seven years since the last time I was on an airplane. To be honest I was completely freaked out by the thought of having to be in one again. Last time I traveled any distance close to this I was with a large group going to New York City.
This trip was my first out of the country, and my brother would be the only one going with me. We would later meet up with my Aunt Vic, the whole reason we were going to Barcelona was to see her in an Opera at Teatre Liceu; however, the thought of going through Amsterdam and then hailing a cab out of the Barcelona airport was slightly frightening.

Tourism in Barcelona

My brother Ben and I made it to Spain without incident, minus the fact that he lost his skateboard at the security check in the Netherlands. We even had our selection of cabs and cab drivers lined up as we exited. I was able to communicate with the cab driver, even though he told me that I spoke "mexican spanish".

Even the sights on the way to the heart Barcelona were breathtaking. Ben and I couldn't wait to go out and explore. As soon as we got out of the cab, we went to get the key, and found the apartment fairly easily.
We literally sat our stuff inside the apartment door and took the elevator back down to the street.

Montjuic, Barcelona

The apartment was located directly across from Port Vell, La Gamba, and El Cap. We took a walk around the port and down to La Placa de Colon before it started pouring rain and we had to turn back.
That was alright with me, because at that point I had such terrible jet lag that it far outweighed my curiousness of the city. We had so many things we wanted to do and see, and only six days.

Beaches, Barcelona

The next morning the first thing Ben went to a local skate shop and bought a board, then we went to a small local bakery and bought chocolate covered doughnuts.
The food there was amazing. It was all so natural and not very greasy. Aunt Vic was only able to spend two days traveling with us, and the first day there we were lucky enough to have her as our guide.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

The whole week we spent going to all of the major sights, and some recommended by the locals and cab drivers. To be honest some of those were the best days we had. We saw so many cathedrals, it was almost hard to remember the names.
The architecture was amazing, and that was the main reason Ben, the architecture student wanted to go. We were able to see Sagrada Familia, La Catedral de Barcelona, and La Catedral de Santa Maria del Mar, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, and Parc Guell.
We also got to see some less famous things, but they were no less beautiful and intricately designed than the others.

Parque Guell, Barcelona

My favorite thing was Parc Guell, a man made park designed by Antoni Gaudi. For someone like me, who's camera is like another appendage, the park was like a dream. Really, the whole city was and to come back here where everything is so fast paced and so modern was almost disappointing. Going there gave me the travel bug, and I can't wait to go somewhere else.

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