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La Palma, "la isla bonita" (the beautiful island) in Canary Islands

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Santa Cruz de la Palma, Canary Islands

When people visit the beautiful Canary Islands, they often forget La Palma, the greenest of the Canaries and also the most underrated. La Palma is a UNESCO biosphere reserve, which will clearly suggest to you what you can expect there: unspoiled nature, lush rainforest canopies, volcanic craters. You get the picture. There are no comparable golden beaches in La Palma like many of the other Canary Islands, but if you love adventure and breathtaking natural, unspoiled landscapes, then you won't regret visiting La Palma.

If you enjoy walking tours, there are many lovely marked trails that criss-cross the island. You can start at the sleepy hamlet of Las Tricias and walk through fields, gardens and orchards to old grain windmills and visit caves of ancient cave dwellers. Or you could walk to the waterfalls of Marcos y Cordero, which provide much of the island's water. If you're feeling a little more adventurous, take the seven-hour long volcano route beginning at Refugio El Pilar, past seven volcanoes down to Los Canarios in the south. There are individual tours or group tours you could join, to explore on your own or with a guide. There is always the option to watch spectacular sunsets anywhere on the island's western coast.

Tourism in La Palma, Canary Islands

La Palma is also home to picturesque towns and villages waiting for you to discover. Enjoy the quiet of Puntagorda with its steep coastal cliffs, old churchyard and quiet farms. It's considered one of the most beautiful parts of the islands. Also enjoy the Mercadillo de Puntagorda market every weekend. For more bustle, visit the busy town of Santa Cruz with its cafes and shops and cobbled shopping streets. Or you could enjoy magnificent views over the island, the erosion crater of Calderdade Taburiente and other ( from the highest point of La Palma, Roques de los Muchachos.

La Palma, Canary Islands, El Charco Azul

And while you're at La Palma, don't forget to try the local potato specialty papas arudagas with spicy mojo sauce, spicy orange spreading sausages and delicious local bananas that the Palmeroos love, washed down with the local firewater called Aguardiente.

If you need a destination to rest, the island of Palma offers a unique environment, with a good temperature, accurate scenery and good food.
Book your holiday to this destination in the Canary Islands and sure you will not regret it.

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