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Where to Go and Where to Eat In Toledo, Spain

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We spent eight nights in Spain recently. From Madrid we had planned to do a day trip to Toledo. I highly recommend this. We took the high speed train to Toledo. This is a train that President Obama wants to see in the United States. It goes 180 miles per hour which feel like 20 and the seats were so comfortable. There were tables (like an airplane), foot rests, and rather than 1 hour and 15 minutes it took us ½ an hour to get to Toledo. The cost was about 16€ (Euros - multiply by 1.3% to $).

Toledo, holidays in Spain

We didn't think the walk to the Old City would be hard but we could tell immediately that it was too far so for 1.25€ we caught a tourist bus. The roads are steep and as all the information said, the city is a maze. Plan on getting lost and having fun with the journey. We literally couldn't find things we wanted to see but people were very friendly so eventually we got to where we were going. The streets are so narrow they are called "the donkey and me" streets. Cars zoom by so you will want to be extra careful on these cobblestone roads.

The two items I would suggest buying are marzipan (delicious candy) and Damascene Jewelry. It is reasonably priced, beautiful and you can't get it any other place. Swords and scissors are popular as well because of the steel used.

Visit Toledo, Spain

If you want to go to a Sephardic Synagogue- the Sinagoga de el Transito- do not go to Toledo on a Monday because it was closed. We should have picked up on that but we didn't and were disappointed.

Pick up a map at the tourist information center. You may then want to go to the free museum, Museo de Santa Cruz. You will see a famous Greco painting of the Ascension.

Walk to Mezquita del Christo de la Lux (Mosque of Christ of the Light), which we chose not to go into. You must go into the Catedral, the most elaborate church in which I have been. The many rooms, each with its own personality, the architecture, and the ceilings were worth the 7€.

Holidays in Toledo, Spain

You may want to see The Toller del Morro, which is the only surviving, non-religious building in Toledo which dates back to the fourteenth century. After going in circles we found the Sinagoga de Maria La Blanca. We paid 2€. At the time there was a special exhibit but it once was a Synagogue.

We found a great place to eat called Los Lopez de Toledo, which we were told was good at the information center. It was hard to find but it was worth it. We had tapas there. I had goat cheese, lettuce, bread, a few chips and prawns with nuts and guacamole and my husband had razor clams and a salmon sandwich. The dining room wasn't open until 4:00p.m. so we sat at a somewhat uncomfortable wood table with benches and low stools.

Toledo, cathedral, Spain

You will then get on the bus, which runs regularly, and take the train back to Madrid.

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