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Burgos, enyoys its Cathedral

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Tourism in Burgos

Burgos is a city from the north of Spain that belongs to Castilla y León. There are many things to do and to visit in this city, and now we are going to discover them.

Cathedral of Burgos

First of all, it is very interesting to go for a walk in the centre of the city. You can start from the Arco de Santa María, a huge door to enter the city. From there, you will be able to see the Cathedral of Burgos and to visit it.

There is a promenade that goes from the Arco de Santa María to the Teatro square. This street is named el Paseo del Espolón, on the coast of the Arlanzón River. From there you will be able to see some interest sites, such as the Diputación building, the Teatro Principal, an amazing fountain...

Plaza Mayor, Burgos

Staying in the centre of the city, we can also find the Plaza Mayor. This is a pedestrian street and square, and it is crowded almost all the time. There, you will be able to find some good bars and restaurants as well as shops and a great ambience.

If you want to visit the city from the height, you cannot miss the lookout of the Castle. From there, you will be able to enjoy the views of the whole city of Burgos.

Museum of Human Evolution

It is also interesting to visit the Museum of Human Evolution, a modern museum where we will be able to look over our evolution and to know a little bit more from our ancestors.

The gastronomy in Burgos is famous for its huge diversity of products and typical dishes. Some of its most famous meals are the Caldereta pinariega, the Morcilla de Burgos, the Burgos cheese, the castellana soup or the burgalesa soup. So if you visit to Burgos, try as much of these dishes as you can and enjoy!

Gastronomy, Burgos

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