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Salamanca, one of the 4 oldest universities in all Europe

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Salamanca is in Castilla and León. It is considered a World Heritage Site due to different factors, the main of them is because its university, is one of the 4 oldest universities in all Europe and the oldest in Spain. Its buildings and the lessons that are taught in have an international interest, Salamanca is considered the City of the Spanish language par excellence.

Tourism, Salamanca

It is therefore a historic city and it has a great cultural variety, you can visit different museums, there are also numerous theatrical and musical acts, as well as congresses and fairs, the most important is the book one.

Talking about religion, we can highlight the collection of small churches that you can find through the streets of the city, around 30 different, culminating with the great cathedral in the historic center, and the monasteries which are part of the religious history of the city.

Cathedral, Salamanca

Salamanca's gastronomy is adapted completely to tourism, that is why there are guided tours that include a general explanation of the development of the food, a tour of the facilities where it is processed and a final tasting; the most typical products that you can discover through these visits are: Sierra de Salamanca's D.O. wine, the jamón ibérico of Guijuelo (iberic ham) and cheese assorted. In that area is also very typical in winter to have homemade stews and suckling pig.

Another of the things that bear fame to Salamanca is the Plaza Mayor, it is a place of leisure and at the same time cultural because of the decoration, is full of medallions with famous faces carved into them, characters who were important in Spain's history. This square is a center of meeting because there are many kind of bars with terraces that invite you to sit back and enjoy the ambiance.

Plaza Mayor, Salamanca

At night, Salamanca is also a key point, it has an active night life and very varied, this is thanks to the amount of population that university hosts, the party starts at midnight and may last until the wee hours of the morning and with a wide assortment of places to go: from bars to clubs and pubs.

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