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Tourism in Córdoba, we return to Andalusia

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Puente Romano y Río Guadalquivir en Córdoba

The city of Cordoba is found in the south of Spain, in Andalucia, and is located within the basin of the Guadalquivir River which crosses the city, it has a continental Mediterranean climate that makes the summers are very hot.

Cordoba can boast that became capital of Hispania Ulterior during the Roman Empire and, later, the capital of the Umayyad Caliphate, when Muslims controlled the Iberian peninsula. This makes the city have a great prestige. In addition, if you join the folklore typical of the area, it makes a unique center for tourism, in relation to this we should mention that, as in all the country there is a bullfighting tradition that displays its history in a museum dedicated to this practice.

Los Patios de Córdoba

The historic quarter of Cordoba is made up of small squares and streets, special and unique courtyards more known as the Patios de las Flores considered of national interest, very recommendable to visit in the spring, all of this leads to the great mosque of Cordoba, this is the real symbol of the city. The forest of columns, with more than a thousand, make this building something magical, is both their power that when the Muslims were expelled, it was decided to retain for its beauty and built the cathedral of the city annexd to the mosque by creating a space with an unprecedented cultural mixture.

Mezquita de Córdoba

Cordoba also has a Jewish quarter with streets adorned with facades covered in tiles and grilles, a landscape very curious. Nearby you will find the only synagogue in the city.

Alcazar garden´s, Córdoba

As in the rest of Andalusia, one of the most prized activities of Cordoba is a stroll through the gastronomy, the great fondness for the tapas where the neighborhoods of San Lorenzo and San Andres, are the key points. The typical dishes of this place are several different types of fish, casseroles, salmorejo and bull's tail and for dessert we should taste the famous pastel cordobes.

Salmorejo cordobés

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