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What can I visit in Barcelona?

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Welcome to Barcelona

Barcelona is the Mediterranean city par excellence. With a mild climate all the year, added to its historical interest, its modernist style and its cosmopolitan character make it a unique city.

Consists of a cultural agenda filled with activities all year round, from musical events on an international level, a wide variety of theater and dance shows. Barcelona gives to you a fascinating historic tour to each step we take in it, we can stroll around its gothic quarter, in the center of the city with narrow streets full of emblematic buildings such as the Palau de la Generalitat, and other several medieval palaces.

Not far away is the Plaza del Rei, where its terraces invite us to enjoy the scenery that surrounds us. Not far away is the Picasso's Museum, this museum is located at the Aguilar palace, also there are other museums in that zone. It is fair to say that Barcelona has dozens of varied museums where there is room for all tastes, from art from all periods to the most varied collections and thematics. For a wide range of cultural, Barcelona offers special cards to facilitate the visitor a tour of all the museums and exhibitions.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

As far as architecture is famous for the modernism of Antonio Gaudi among others. The Parc Güell and Sagrada Familia are two of his most emblematic works. We also find the monumental remains of what were the Olympic Games of 1992 and the universal exhibition of 1929 with pavilions as the Mies van der Rohe one, located between the magnificent Mont-juïc palace and the big Plaza Espana. Not very far from there is the seaport and the urban beaches that make up the coast of Barcelona. A mix of tourism activities and business, is added to the leisure in that area with a variety of options to do near the Mediterranean sea.

Parc Güell, Barcelona

Barcelona is also famous for being a great place for shopping, it has from the most renowned names in the high fashion to the more affordable brands to accommodate all type of consumer.

Finally, we must emphasize its gastronomy, famous for its mediterranean diet with its wide variety of fish, vegetables, emutidos, and the famous olive oil. For the dishes to highlight is the pork butifarra with beans, escudella and bread with tomato. For drink we can taste its famous wines from Alella and Penedès, and the cava, a unique drink from Catalunya.

Barcelona beaches

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