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Granada, do not miss the visit to the Alhambra

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Granada is a Spanish city placed in Andalusia, and it lies next to the Sierra Nevada, what conditions its weather: very cold in winter and very hot during the summer.

There is probably one building that makes it really worth to visit this city. This building is the Alhambra, a palace and fortress complex built in 889 by Arabs in Granada. Besides the Alhambra, it is also really advisable to visit the Albaicín and Sacromonte neighbourhoods.
From the Albaicín neighbourhood you will be able to see what it has been considered the best sunset in the world. If you visit the Alhambra in the morning, in the evening you can go to San Nicolás viewpoint in Albaicín, watch the sunset, and then go to visit the Sacromonte neighbourhood, with its typical Arabian music and dances.

Another interesting place in Granada is the Sciences Park, where you will be able to get into sciences in a fun and dynamic way.

Sierra Nevada in Granada

As we have said, the Sierra Nevada is near the city, so, if you go to Granada during the winter, you can make the best of it, and go there to ski. However, if you go there in the summer, the visit is also really advisable and impressive.

Darro tour in Granada

Another place of interest of Granada is its cathedral. It is a building from the Spanish Renaissance, and perhaps it is not as amazing as other cathedrals in Spain, but it is worth the visit.

Finally, if you travel to Granada you cannot miss its gastronomy. It is formed by Andalusian dishes, mixed with different contributions of the new towns, for example beans with ham. The confectionery is really wide, with huevos moles, sponge cakes and San Jerónimo’s Puff pastry.

Alhambra, Granada, Andalucía, Spain

Granada is an amazing Spanish capital, with plenty of thing to do and see. Streets, mountain and the sea are really close in this amazing city.

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