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Teaching English as a Foreign Language via is the ideal way to enjoy some travel and tourism in Madrid. Coming to Madrid or other parts of Spain to train and to teach provides you with a unique opportunity to make new friends with whom to explore the city. Learning the Spanish language as you interact with your students will also open up this city for you, and enable you to enjoy the markets, the bars, and the restaurants so much more as learning even a few phrases of Spanish will mean that you can eat in places that do not have menus in English for example.

travel and tourism

Opt for TEFL courses at Canterbury and you will be able to follow your dream of seeing the sights of Spain's exciting capital. Make sure to pay a visit to the Prado Museum in the town center, which is one of the world's largest art museums. Here, you can see masterpieces by artists such as Goya and Gaugin first hand. The elegant Retiro Park is a beautiful place for a stroll, whilst the Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande and the Royal Palace of Madrid are two truly splendid architectural gems that should not be missed by any traveler in the city. And of course, when you take up your training and teaching position in the city, you will be able to discover your own favorite parts of the city.

Language and tourism

When you come to Spain to teach or do teacher training, you also get to have a tourism experience that is a little different from a regular holiday. TEFL makes your trip to Madrid more purposeful, and makes you part of a community within the city, rather than a tourist who always feels like a tourist - a visitor who is welcomed but who is always a little on the outside. Staying for the length of the course, you will get to know more about local traditions, like how to eat out at a tapas bar, how to get the best food and drink, and what the nicest local delicacies are.

As we have seen, a second language opens a lot of new doors for tourism and travel, as it will help us integrate into the fate and to know much better their culture.
Besides being able to talk to local people is another positive point to learn a new language.

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