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Cadiz, 3000 years of history

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Tourism in Cádiz, Andalucía, Spain

Cadiz is a Spanish city placed in Andalucía. Probably, one of the most remarkable features of this city, and also the reason why it is best known, is its history. Or, let’s say it, its eternal and important history.

Cadiz was an important roman city, which stood out for its commercial strategies. It still preserves some of its roman heritage that today we can visit and enjoy. Of all this roman patrimony, we can highlight the roman theatre in Cadiz, one of the biggest and oldest roman theatres in the whole peninsula.

The Port of Cadiz

If we get into the historic city centre, we will be able to discover some of the most magical and nice corners in Cadiz, such as the Plaza de España (Spain Square) or El Pópulo district, the old medieval neighbourhood. We can also go for a walk along the Paseo Marítimo (the Boardwalk) without losing sight of the sea. Moreover, it is also really important to highlight the Cadiz cathedral, an impressive building right next to the sea, which mixes the baroque and neoclassic styles.

Cadiz has four beaches: la Cortadura beach, la Victoria beach, Santa María beach and la Caleta beach, each one with its own peculiarities and charming. For example, la Caleta beach may be one of the most picturesque corners in the whole city, since it is placed right in the middle of the old city of Cadiz, or la Victoria beach, which is considered to be the best urban beach in Europe.

Cádiz beaches

Apart from all these, it is also almost compulsory to visit the Genovés Park, which is full of trees, and among them, we can find a centenary dragon tree.

To conclude, we must say that, as we have seen, Cadiz is a wonderful place, appropriate for families who go there to relax and to visit a legendary city, as well as for young people who want to have fun day and night, since the capital has a great number of pubs and discos close to the sea.

Relax in Cádiz, Spain

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