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Tarragona and the Roman Empire in Spain

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Tarragona is a peculiar city composed of a great beauty. It is located on the Mediterranean coast, an hour away from Barcelona. It has a mediterranean climate without equal, with moderate temperatures throughout the year that favor their beaches making the season being very wide to enjoy them.

Tarragona and the Roman Empire

This city was the capital of Hispania Citerior during the Roman Empire, that is why it has a great legacy of roman monuments that can be visited in their majority today. This set of buildings that make up the city are: the protection walls that date back to the third century B.C., the amphitheater located next to the sea where there were gladiatorial combats, the circus that you can still see parts that are maintained intact and others adapted to the metropolis growth as well as the ones that are in the current Pla├ža de la Font, and the roman theater. It also has a magnificent romanesque/gothic Cathedral that sits majestically on the top of a grand staircase, is was built on the famous temple of Augustus.

Tarragona has several museums and theaters, with a quite wide cultural agenda, especially focused to its Roman past. In this connection it should be mentioned a special shows made it once a year called Tarraco Viva, where groups of people dressed as in the ancient roman empire represents the life of these in diffrente points of the city, for a few days Tarragona turns up its past to its present, reliving scenes from an old life that even today is palpable in the city. Another of his most famous celebrations are the Santa Tecla events, where processions, faith devotion, variety of events, the people and the fiesta flood and animate the city for a whole week.

Tarragona, beaches in Costa Dourada

The capital of the Costa Daurada has an important fishing and business port, very modern and active, where near there you will find the famous maritime district of Serrallo. In there you can find a great variety of restaurants with the typical Mediterranean gastronomy and where also you can taste the best wines of the area, Tarragona has five D.O. (origin denominations). One of the great attractions of the area is the Port Aventura park, a thematic park of international renown, considered the best in Europe.

Port Aventura, Tarragona

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