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San Sebastián, an incredible destiny

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San Sebastian, tourism

San Sebastián is a city from the north of Spain that belongs to the Basque Country, and it is the capital of Gipuzkoa. This city is famous for the beautiful streets in its old town, its famous and tasty pintxos and the amazing bay of La Concha. Now, we will take a look to the most interesting places that you should visit if you travel there.

First of all, we must highlight the beach in San Sebastián, since it is probably one of the most impressive beaches in the north of Spain: La Playa de la Concha. It is placed in the middle of the city, surrounded by the bay with the same name. There, you will be able to swim in the Atlantic Ocean and to enjoy the views.

Cathedral, San Sebastian

If you want to go for a walk in San Sebastián, you should go to the Paseo Nuevo. From this promenade, you will be able to see the sunset, as well as high waves dashing against the rocks during rough seas.

San Sebastian, tourism and travel

As we said previously, it is really advisable to go for a walk in the old town of the city and to get lost in its beautiful streets. Besides, gastronomy is one of the strong pints of the capital, and there you will find many restaurants with the best pintxos and tapas in the city.

Pinchos in San Sebastian, tourism and travel

Finally, we would like to make reference to the most impressive buildings and monuments of San Sebastián. Those are San Sebastián cathedral, or the Good Shepherd Cathedral, the largest cathedral in Gipuzkoa. The aquarium, which is the oldest one in the city and one of the most visited places. And finally, the Constitución Square, placed in the middle of the city, where you will be able to see some of the greatest bars and stores in the city.

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