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Cadaqués, a fishing village where Dali lived and worked

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Cadaqués is a fishing village placed in Gerona, in Catalonia. It is better-known for being the home of the great surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, as well as the place where many other famous artists, such as Picasso, spent their summer holidays.

Cadaques, Spain

The village lies in the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in the Costa Brava. The main feature of the water in this region is its quality; it is clean, clear and free of pollution. Its white houses, typical of these fishing villages, make of Cadaqués one of the most picturesque and beautiful places in Gerona. It is really worth to go for a walk in the old city centre, since it is a place where you will be able to feel the peace that comes from this corner. It is a place to disconnect, where you will admire each one of its corners and you will get absorbed by its atmosphere.

But it is not only the streets that are charming. In this village we can find the Port-Lligat Museum house, where Salvador Dalí lived and worked, as well as the museum of the village, with some exhibitions.

Close to Cadaqués, there is also the Natural Park of Cap de Creus, the biggest uninhabited area in the Mediterranean coast. Once in there, we will be able to see many protected species of plants and animals, as well as tiny coves, hidden isles and incredible cliffs.

Those who love snorkelling and scuba diving are lucky. They find themselves in an area which has a great underwater splendour, since the beaches in Cadaqués are known to be an underwater paradise.

Tourism in Cadaques, Spain

Arriving in Cadaqués is not easy, since the road that takes there is narrow and full of curves. Anyway, the journey is really worth it. it is one of those villages that bewitch you with each one of this corners, a place to admire and to disconnect from the rest of the world, where you will feel absolutely free.

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