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La Rambla of Barcelona, one of the most touristy streets

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The Catalan capital, Barcelona, lies on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Among all the wonders that this city provides us, there is just one of them that can brag about being, as Hemingway said, the most beautiful street in the world: la Rambla.

Las Ramblas, Barcelona

La Rambla is also known as las Ramblas, because there are some stretches and each one receives its own name. It is the street that runs from Plaza de Cataluña to the statue of Colom in the harbour of Bacelona, and it has more than one kilometre long. However, it is not only a street, a regular crowded street; it is much more than that. It is one of the cultural, architectonical and artistic cores of the city. You can walk along las Ramblas night and day and you will always feel its picturesque and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The street has many flower stalls, that colour the street, as well as handicraft and souvenir stalls. Besides, we can also find human statues and many kiosks. There are also restaurants and bars, where you will be able to relax and enjoy the ambience. In the past there were also animal stalls, but due to some complains they have been taken off.

Furthermore, along la Rambla we find some places of interest where it is almost compulsory to stop and take a look. On the one hand, we have the Fuente de Canaletas, a fountain, which is famous for being the place where the supporters of Barcelona Football Club celebrate their victories. This fountain is also famous for a legend that tells that those who drink from its water will come back to Barcelona some day.
On the other hand, there is also the market of La Boqueria, a pleasure for the senses, with thousands of smells and colours that come from all the products sold in each stall.
Additionally, a little bit down the street we can see the most important theatre in Barcelona and one of the city landmarks: el Liceo, which is especially famous for its opera plays.

Boqueria Market in Barcelona

Finally, as we can see, walking along las Ramblas, mainly in summer, is almost compulsory if you travel to Barcelona. A short walk that will make you yearn to come back to this great city.

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