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What can we visit in Bilbao?

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Bilbao is located in the province of Biscay, in the north of Spain, is close to the Cantabrian sea thing that brings a temperate oceanic climate with temperatures quite stable and abundant rainfalls. It is surrounded by lush forests, beautiful mountains, warm beaches and craggy coastline, this variety let you enjoy the scenery that you prefer just few kilometers from its center.

It is a heavily industrialized town where you can see the beauty of the old mixed with the greatness of the new. It is famous for its contemporary buildings carried out by great architects like Frank Gehry and Norman Foster among others. Its most emblematic building is the famous Guggenheim Museum, a masterpiece that is running its own function as a tourist and cultural motor in the city. Next to this we have a great variety of museums that have a great renown like the Arts Museum for example, they make Bilbao being an exquisite cultural center. It also knows how to exploit this area offering a wide variety of cultural events such as exhibitions, a schedule of musical, theatrical and artistic performances with an important national prestige.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

The Old Town of Bilbao offers a variety of more than 400 stores, is a paradise for shopping and also to taste the precious gastronomy of the area. The city has several prestigious restaurants where you can find everything, from the more traditional meals to innovative avant-garde dishes.

A typical activity of the Bilbaoans that can join everyone who visits this city is the chiquiteo, this consists of having pinchos (little snacks with a bread base) before lunch or dinner. Bilbao presents a wide variety of tabernas and bars which offer the greatest variety of pinchos. Par excellence is called the capital of bacalao (cod) because of the abundance of this kind of fish and the thousands of ways to cook it that are carried out in this area but, as being this the most famous dish there are also many diffrente ingredients that make up the Bilbao's gastronomy as extensive as the great Spanish culinary variety.

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