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Toledo, history and culture in the streets

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Tourism, Toledo

Toledo is popularly known as the city of three cultures because they have lived for many centuries Christians, Jews and Arabs in the same space. Thanks to that mix today the city has a beautiful historic legacy and an extraordinary heritage and it is very striking to be visited. Has a charm that no other city can boast to have it.

The heritage of Toledo consists of wide variety of churches, synagogues, mosques, palaces and fortresses that visiting through them it seems that unintentionally you are in the middle age Spain, it is a landscape without equal, therefore the city was declared a World Heritage Site.

Visiting the old town we can reach to get lost down by between its maze of little streets, this space is limited by old parts of the defense wall Toledo, there are many doors that gave the access to the town inside, walking around to see them is a route highly recommended to do there. The busiest center of the city is the Plaza de Zocodover, in Muslim era was an important commercial center, today is the leisure center where you can have some drinks and enjoy the historic environment that surrounds there.

There was a magnificent artist very special that made the reputation of Toledo will expand even more if it is worth, he was el Greco who in 1577 was established in the city and where he died. Today we can find a house-museum in his honor.

Cathedral, Toledo

There are three emblematic monuments in Toledo are worthy of mention, these are the gothic-style Cathedral, the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, the Alcázar of medieval origin.

Another of the attractions of the area it is given by the Don Quixote of Cervantes. The history goes by some different places of Castilla and La Mancha, autonomous community which Toledo is the capital and, by its big impact, there are routes to visit those place, all these routes begin or pass through Toledo.

Toledo's cuisine is exquisite and worthy of mention, is focused on the game meat where we can opt for dishes such as partridge, quail or deer for example. They are also very typical mushrooms, the vegetable ratatouille and the crumbs. The manchego cheese also enjoys national renown. The wines of La Mancha and Méntrida are the two D.O. (origin denomination) in the zone.

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